Jizōs are not only protectors of women, children and travelers, they also make great heart-warming gifts too!

In Japan Jizō (gee-zoe) is the protector of women, children and travelers! He's the littlest big-hearted monk and is quite beloved for serving those who suffer loss, need extra protection & want to experience or offer others hope & joy-filled living. On our travels we encounter these little stones all over our beloved planet, from mountain streams to shell covered beaches. Each one is then heart-fully painted to allow a unique personality to emerge. We leave a few for others to find and smile, wherever our travels take us. May you experience peace, love, abundance and protection with a little Jizō monk nearby!


Jizōs are meant to be shared! We offer to ship your gift with a description tag, And, if you wish, your own personalized note will accompany your Jizō gift! If you have a friend or family member that is experiencing loss, needing hope, making a difficult transition, traveling in any capacity or simply may need a smile, Jizō may be of service. Please use the contact page to place your orders. We take Paypal and Venmo. Click the button below to get in touch and adopt a Jizō today!