Ready to be a guardian of Jizos? 

There are several different ways to adopt Jizōs! Here are some samples of the ones similar to the ones you will receive. We prefer to offer you a heart selection to express the variety of shapes, sizes and designs. The adoption fees are priced below are for allowing us to hand select your collection. Most, if not all of these Jizōs found in this gallery have already found homes. Again this is just a sample of what you will receive. For custom orders please contact us directly through the connect page. There is an additional fee for custom orders.Thanks!


Extra large Jizō with pocket Jizō companion:  $18

Jizō Trio starter set: $33 

Tribe of five:  $44

 Simple pocket Jizos set of seven: $18

(very petite - please see photo above right)

Please see shipping costs below…


Prices: are for packaged groupings or fun blends we lovingly select for you. The ultimate surprise! In other words, you can ask for specifically i.e. gypsy, jungle, garden, desert, earth, elements, brights, or even choose two favorite colors. Or allow us to select a fun Jizō collection just for you. Special orders are accepted by phone only. Custom orders and requests please contact us for price differences

Donations & Discounts: Larger orders or those going directly to a organization that supports or individuals who have suffered a loss of loved one or any sort of loss, please contact us directly for donation possibilities  and discounted prices. There are times in these cases we will also send as love donations. We believe that everyone who need a Jizō should have one! 

How to Send Adoption Fees: We accept Paypal and Venmo. Please send your email address so that we can send you an invoice. Also of course we will need the address of your JIzō tribes new home, be it your home or that of a friend... and if you'd like, a note about what your JIzō might be in service of in your life or that of a loved one.

Friar Monks: You will probably notice some cool friar monks in the gallery above. If you haven't, check the little guys out! A dear friend made a request for us to create some beloved friar monks and violá... they were born! We love them too and know you will also. Please specify "friar monk" in your order and how many you want otherwise all awesome Jizōs will be showing up on your doorstep...  

Description & Details:

Sizes: All Jizōs are between approximately 2”- 4” in size. The Extra large Jizōs ranging in size from 3-5 inches.

Stone variations: Since we collect and curate our stones from all over the united states there is a lot of natural variations. Some Jizōs stand on their own while other are flat and could be used with a magnet or in a cute wall niche. You will receive a small amount of removable putty that will allow your Jizō to stand on its own or be placed on a flat surface if you request it at order time.

Position: Some Jizōs stand on their own, while others are flat and could be used with a magnet or in a cute wall niche, on the refrigerator or anywhere you need some Jizō energy. You will receive a small amount of removable putty that will allow your Jizō to stand on its own or be placed on a flat surface...


Each Jizō will come in its own clear pouch with a cute description tag, thank you note and a MYSTERY THANK YOU GIFT!

Every Jizō is protected with two coats of water base sealer followed by a matte coat of acrylic sealer. This will enable them to be placed indoors or out! PS they love plants and thrive near them offering green thumb gardening to all! 

If you are offering your Jizō as a gift a cute hand designed note can be added to your adoption order with your own personal message of hope, joy, peace and love!


If you are interested in donating to help offset the costs when we send free, no fee Jizōs out to people who are suffering catastrophic loss, grave health issues, difficult transitions and the like, please contact us. Your donation will go towards paints, supplies, packaging and shipping only. We try to send Jizōs where we can to comfort those in dire need. We sent 17 beloved Jizō monks to Parkland High School through a connection there, a tribe to a family that was involved in the Las Vegas shooting & recently participated in an auction for Families on the Border, which took in total, with all plant and art donators nearly $3000 for families and children. Also, if you also can not afford a Jizō and you or someone in your life is in deep need of comfort and protection please feel free to let us know and we will do our best to get a jizō to you discounted or free of adoption fees. We recently sent 24 Jizō to parents in an organization who had suffered the devastating loss of a child - this is Jizō most special heart service for us all. Thank you!

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Priority SHIPPING (1-3 business days)

Quantities and Cost

1-10 Jizōs shipping......... $8

11-40 Jizōs shipping......... $14

40-100 Jizōs shipping.......$19

Thank you for supporting our mission to protect women, children and travelers, bring peace & leave this one beautiful world we share smiling,

one Jizō at a time..